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2014 - Archives

05-May-2015 05-12-2015 EMS Advisory Council Meeting Documents
15-Apr-15 House Bill - 472
15-Apr-15 Bills being monitored by the OEMS during  the 2015 session of the NC General Assembly.
17-Mar-15 2015 Winter Symposium Presentations

The NC Association of EMS Administrators is pleased to announce the continuation of the National EMS Management Association (NEMSMA) Field Training and Evaluation Program (FTEP) program by offering the Basic Field Training Officer (FTO) as a pre-conference to the August conference.  Tentatively the preconference will run August 10th through 12th


Synopsis:  Basic EMS Field Training Officer Course

The position of Field Training Officer is often the first rung on the promotional ladder for an EMS paramedic. In many agencies, individuals are appointed FTOs without any preparation whatsoever, except for their prior EMS field experience. The Basic EMS Field Training Officer course will introduce to the prospective field training officer to the structure, tools, techniques and concepts of EMS-FTEP™, and will provide instruction in the principles of adult learning, coaching, evaluation, giving feedback, and documenting trainee performance using EMS-FTEP tools (Standardized Evaluation Guidelines, Recruit Training Manual, and Daily Observation Reports).

02-Feb-2015 02-10-2015 EMS Advisory Council Meeting Documents
12-Nov-14 2015 Winter Conference Registration Link
12-Nov-14 Community Paramedicine Documents
11-Nov-14 11-12-2014 EMS Advisory Council Meeting Documents
12-May-14 2014 Summer Leadership Symposium (Registration Link)
12-May-14 05-13-2014 EMS Advisory Council Meeting Documents
1-May-14 MIH NCAEMSA 4-17 Abridged (Power Point)
1-May-14 Myers MIHP Morninf (PDF)
1-May-14 NCHRC  CCNC Draft EMS LEO Presentation (Power Point)
1-May-14 NCOEMS Admin - Combined Final (Power Point)
1-May-14 Winter NCAEMSA Meeting 2-14-2014 ( Power Point)
(8-Apr-14) 10A NCAC 13P consolidated v2.pdf
(8-Apr-14) Revisions to 10A NCAC 13P based on public comment and recommendations of the EMSAC rules revision task force
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