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Which member type should I choose?

Active Member:

Active membership shall consist of one paid professional EMS Administrator per paid professional provider and one paid Program Administrator of an EMS education program (i.e. university or community college). This person shall serve as the active member for their organization and shall be appointed by the organization.

Active members may vote and hold office within the Association.
Associate Member:

Associate membership shall consist of paid professional EMS personnel and paid professional EMS education program personnel (i.e. university or community college) whose job description indicates they have administrative, management, supervisory and instructional responsibilities to their EMS organization.

Associate members may vote and serve on committees. Associate members shall not hold office in the Association.

This member type should be used for "corporate memberships" for all members listed as secondary under the "active member".
Affiliate Member:

Affiliate membership shall be open to all paid (Active or Retired) Professional EMS personnel at the local, regional, or state level personnel, who are interested in promoting the betterment of EMS in North Carolina.

Affiliate members may serve on committees. Affiliate members shall not vote nor hold office in the Association.

Lifetime Membership:

Any Active or Associate NCAEMSA member upon retirement from Emergency Medical Services- with 5 years good standing as a member of the Association, may apply for a Lifetime Membership in the Association. Lifetime membership candidates should submit their name to the executive committee for validation, and then the executive committee will present the candidate to the entire membership for approval at a regularly scheduled business meeting.

Lifetime Members will be exempt from NCAEMSA conference registration fees.

Lifetime Members may vote and hold office within the Association.

This membership type can only be assigned by the organization and is not available for external applications.